wheel of the year

Thinking About – Lughnasadh

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are approaching the first harvest. The festival of Lughnasadh, or Lammas is raising its head and peering over the horizon. It's a bitter-sweet time for me on my yearly journey through the seasons. I've watched as the grey has turned to

So what is Beltane anyway?

Yes. What is it? I'm having one of my pondering moments. This time about this wonderful Pagan festival called Beltane. What is it exactly, to me? I've been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for (cough) years now and to me Beltane is a celebration of the

The Wheel of the Year – Valid or Not?

I sometimes watch with confusion the conversations that develop on social sites like Facebook and Twitter over some of the things we do as modern Pagans. One of the topics that seems to get regularly dissected is the Wheel of the Year and the way it is