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Thinking About – Living a Pagan Lifestyle

I received an excellent question via my Facebook page over the weekend. It was this: It's a little complicated, but thinking on Paganism and Druidry as more than a spiritual belief, but as a lifestyle, in today's modern life, is it possible to live in such a

Druidry for Beginners – Where to Start? The Senses.

I know a lot of people who have been walking the Druid path for many years who hunger for books and information that take them deeper, but I also know there many people who are new to the path, who are looking for some kind of guidance on

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Thinking About – Consensus Reality

I may be late to the game here but I only heard this term a couple of weeks ago. A quick visit to Wikipedia suggests that: Consensus reality is that which is generally agreed to be reality, based on a consensus view. It very soon goes on to say:

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The Heart of Samhain

I was asked very recently why Druids celebrate such a dark festival as Samhain. What is it about this shadowy and occult time, where the land is overrun with ghosts and ghouls, that makes us want to associate ourselves with it. I found it a really odd

There is no separation, you are part of me

As I sit here writing this I can look outside and see clear blue skies, the Bluebells are growing, the Daffodils are in flower, and the Willow is budding. Spring is knocking on the door and, as I do every year, I give thanks to the turning

Major Influences Part 1 – Phil Lynott

One of the things I am asked more than any other is who have been my major influences when it comes to songwriting, so I thought it would be nice to write a series of blog posts addressing this subject. The question is where to start? So

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Daily Practice

Last week I interviewed the author and teacher T. Thorn Coyle for DruidCast, the monthly podcast by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. One of the questions I asked her was what advice she could give to more experienced spiritual practitioners? The answer she gave was

So what’s this Druidry all about then?

I'm sure many people who walk this wonderful and sometimes labyrinthine Druid path are asked this question - I know I am - and it's often a difficult question to answer, but I think the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids' new video goes a long way

Sources of Inspiration 2 – Places of Peace

The Quest for the Awen, yearning for those three sweet drops to fall upon my tongue, to open my eyes and see the world through the eyes of a poet is still a Quest that drives me every day. Nature is the world's most intoxicating drug and

Sources of Inspiration – part 1

One of the questions I am asked more than any other is - where do I get my inspiration? There are many, many sources of inspiration so I thought I'd tackle a few in a series of blog posts. It might seem like an easy topic to

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