For the Love of Magic

I've always had a private love affair. We fell in love when I was at secondary school. I hunted her out in the library where she used to hang out. It was pretty exciting. To that very young Damh the things she showed me placed my feet

Thinking About – The Ouija

I wondered how my ghosts article would be received and was delighted by the response which led me to ponder a little more. This topic can be seen as a continuation from that article and deals with one of the ways we have used to contact those

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Thinking About – Ghosts

Something different today. I love a good ghost story. If I think back my earliest encounter with the ghost story was probably Scooby Do, and when I was really small some of those stories used to scare me. The weird thing was I enjoyed being scared, at

Thinking About – Weird Sh*t

Inspired by events on a Facebook message board after two crop circles appeared near the Long Man of Wilmington our local moot chose to discuss our feelings and views on this kind of event/phenomena. We didn't want to stick with just crop circles though. Why not include