I've noticed something recently that has got me thinking (again). I know of two well known teachers from the Pagan community who have recently converted to the Catholic Church. I've also been reading on the internet how some are upset with the lack of spiritual depth they

Tales from the Road – A chat with Jesus

This year I've got more concerts than ever before, and I thought it would be fun to bring a few tales from the road onto my blog. This weekend just past I performed at the Pagan Federation Belenus festival in Brighton - the first Pagan conference in

Land, Sky and Sea

The ancient Celtic peoples seemed to have revered three elements instead of the usual four found in the Western Magical tradition - these being Land, Sky and Sea. I'm sure that fire would have featured somewhere because we know that they also revered the Sun. But here's

Paganism and Holyness

I've been watching an incredible program on the BBC called Extreme Pilgrim. It's a documentary about a Christian Vicar who spends about a month with devotees of three major religions to try and experience their way of connecting with God. Last week he was with Buddhist Monks