A Celtic Creation Story – Audio

I love creation stories and sometimes feel sad that time has not left us a Celtic creation story. We know that the tribes of Iron Age Europe held the three realms of Land, Sky and Sea as sacred so I wanted my story to focus on them.

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From the Cauldron 9: Naked for all to hear

Well, the sample songs are up on my site, and I've placed one on my MySpace site too. That's it, it's out there. This is always a time when I have very mixed feelings - on the one hand I can't wait for people to hear the

From the Cauldron 8: The music is done

I'm sitting here listening to the finished new CD, The Cauldron Born. I thought I had so much more to do, but after Eala came over here on Friday night and put down her vocal on Willow's Song, I realised that all I had to do was