Tales from the Road – The Gates of Samhain open once more

As I glance along the feeds of my social media accounts I see friends celebrating Beltane. I can imagine the hedgerows at home beginning to be heavy with Hawthorn flowers, the birdsong will be a symphony of voices, the skylarks will be singing their song seemingly never

Thinking About – Where the Seasons Begin and End

I thought I'd open a can of worms today. Throw a hot potato in. You know, stir it up a bit. I don't normally go there but I think, in truth, there is no one correct answer to this so it really doesn't matter in the end

Sumer is Icumen In

It's the 1st May today. A glorious date for sure. This morning Morris sides all over the country were out for the sunrise to dance up the Sun and the land was filled with the glorious sound of Morris bells. A tradition celebrated in my song Forgotten, Never

So what is Beltane anyway?

Yes. What is it? I'm having one of my pondering moments. This time about this wonderful Pagan festival called Beltane. What is it exactly, to me? I've been celebrating the Wheel of the Year for (cough) years now and to me Beltane is a celebration of the

Yearning for the Green to Return

I've heard it said that the ancients held their ceremonies, in part, to ensure the return of Spring and Summer. We now know that the seasons are an interplay between the Sun, the turning Earth and its axis, but standing on the Gorsedd mound at the Long