The Calm after the Snow Melt

The snow-capped mountains reach towards the blue sky, and as they do so the white begins to fall away. Rivers of melted snow rush downward and soon join as one with the river below. Soon the river is flowing so fast it's uncontrollable. It has a life

Draw a Card, Cast a Rune.

Every Monday when I walk into my studio I draw a tarot card asking what the trends and influences I should be aware of that coming week. Ok, it's Tuesday, but the Bank Holiday meant I didn't step into the studio yesterday, so I'm a day late.

Song of Awen Damh the Bard live

Okay - so I'm trying something new here. I'm posting this blog directly from this video on YouTube - hope it works! Technology eh!? This song is so special to me. It says almost everything I want to say about nature and my love of the land.