anderida gorsedd

A Little bit of Lughnasadh Magic

Back at the Spring Equinox 2000 me and Cerri founded the Anderida Gorsedd. It was simply to be a group that took on the responsibility for holding regular open rituals on the flat hill below the Long Man of Wilmington. There had of course been open rituals

Spells and Charms

It was the Anderida Gorsedd camp this past weekend. Me and Cerri started the camps back in 2003 and our intent was to create space that focussed on magic and community. There were a lot of camps that had various workshops and rituals, but with Anderida camps

Free Audio – The Colloquy of the Oak and Holly King

Just before the last Winter solstice I was asked by the people at Folkcast if I would contribute something from a Druidic perspective to the Folklore and Traditions of the Winter Solstice section of their December podcast. I thought hard about what I could offer. Cerri and

Yearning for the Green to Return

I've heard it said that the ancients held their ceremonies, in part, to ensure the return of Spring and Summer. We now know that the seasons are an interplay between the Sun, the turning Earth and its axis, but standing on the Gorsedd mound at the Long

Anderida Gorsedd Spoils of Annwn camp

The theme of this year's Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp was the Taliesin poem The Spoils of Annwn. From Friday night through to Sunday midday around 80 people worked with the powers and hidden mysteries of this poem that has been attributed as the origin of the Arthurian

Thoughts on Anderida Gorsedd camps

The way that the tickets for the Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp sold out in under a day has really shocked me and Cerri. My own natural reaction is to try and please everyone, so when I get emails from disappointed people I just want to make them