Streaming Live 13th April – Online Song Tutorial 1

Streaming Live 13th April – Online Song Tutorial 1

I recently posted a little query on my Facebook page asking, if I could teach you how to play any of my songs, which one would it be? There were loads of different responses and it was also clear that people were at various stages of learning their instruments and that got me thinking.

A little series of these might be nice with an easier song to start with that is in regular tuning, rather than some alternate tuning (they can come a little later).

So considering all of that I thought the Song of Awen should be first.

So join me on Tuesday 13th April, 7pm UK time, live on my Facebook page or YouTube channel – Yes! I’ve found out how to stream live to both simultaneously!

I’ll be talking about how I wrote the song, the strumming pattern, and the development of the chord sequence. I’ll also be sharing what the chords are for other instruments like a Uke or mandolin too. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I don’t play an instrument, and you do NOT want to hear me sing. But my question is this: How do I download any liner notes for your albums? I got most of your music from I Tunes, and I’d love to read any notes.

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