“Start spreading the news….” and a Stoat.

Been a bit quiet on the blog recently.

I spent last week preparing for the Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp, then this week I’ve turned my attention to my first overseas tour of the year.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to New York for the first time (like a typical tourist I’m thoroughly excited to be able to see the Big Apple and particularly the Statue of Lady Liberty). We will also be taking a boat ride along the Hudson, but we are only in New York for a day before we will be heading out to Pennsylvania to attend the OBOD East Coast Gathering, and I can’t wait. Along with OBOD members I’ve spoken to over email and Facebook for years, but have never met, there’ll also be people who we have met at past events like the Pagan Spirit Gathering, who have since joined the Order. So we will see them again. Good times.

After the OBOD East Coast Gathering it’s off to Austria for a gig in Vienna, then the Austrian Broomstick Rally, and finally a road trip to Prague for a gig there (last year I had my first ever stage-diver in Prague. Not something you usually get at a folk concert, but they are an amazing, lively audience!!) Then back home.

So my blog might be a little bit Damh’s Travel journal over the next couple of weeks, but I hope you enjoy the trip with me!

In the mean time here’s a lovely photo of a stoat.


7 responses to ““Start spreading the news….” and a Stoat.”

  1. Ugh!!! So close yet so far. Too bad you couldn’t make a 90 minute side trip to Hartford for a bit, Damh. I’d LOVE to meet you in person. I’m blind, so I can’t make it to NYC. Oh well, maybe if I get to visit the Henge at some point, I can run into you on your side of the pond.


  2. Enjoy your travels, Damh. I’m sure you and Ceri are both in for some amazing times – I’m told, by a couple of family members, that New York is awesome!
    Your mention of The Hudson made me smile 🙂
    I always think of the silly smile on my Dad’s face when he recounts his adventure on The Hudson, 50 years ago. As a 21st birthday treat, his crew mates aboard the merchant ship on which he served, allowed him to steer the ship into The Hudson – the fact that he’d been ‘celebrating’ both his 21st and Independence Day, the previous day, just added to his fun. So, drunk as a skunk, and probably with one eye covered, my Dad steered the ship into The Hudson River! Lol.
    Thanks for making me smile, honey!
    Love and blessings to you both, P. Xx

  3. Overseas tour, how many trees will you plant to offset the CO2 POLLUTION from a transatlantic return flight?
    Druidry now seems to run the risk of failing victim to pagan celebrity syndrome, there would seem to be a certain hierarchy of idolised Druids especially by the Americans who always go over the top on sycophantic worship!

    • Hi Sarah,
      This is always a controversial issue, and I don’t take the decision to go on tour overseas lightly. I have had long conversations with a few friends who also feel the way you do, and also with others who need to travel for their work. Like many, I do try to offset my carbon footprint, and it is hard when I travel so much (not just overseas but across the UK touring) but this is the nature of being a musician (it’s not Pagan celebrity, it’s just people who like my music and want to hear it performed live). When we discover that owning a pet has the same environmental impact as owning a 4 x 4 urban vehicle (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/climatechange/6416683/Pet-dogs-as-bad-for-planet-as-driving-4x4s-book-claims.html) in the end we have to all do the best we can with what we have.

  4. Hello Damh
    Thank you for replying, i apologise if i sound like a raving green nutter.. I try not to be so closed minded in my thinking and i must be more tolerant of others views and lifestyle choices.
    Now i am guilty in my own ways especially with regard the pet owning issue with one Jack Russell Terrier does that count as a hybrid eco car?.. or at the very least a G whizz electric one?
    The pagan celebrity bit i mentioned, believe me you are reaching cult status out there on pagan sites they are very very excited by you.. this is true, so watch it, and hope that that the audience do not Tom Jones fan number cos next they will be throwing their knickers on stage.! p..s Do you need a roadie or general helper, tea maker, smallish bouncer,, i need a job urgently?
    Peace and good wishes.

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