Been a bit quiet on the blog recently.

I spent last week preparing for the Anderida Gorsedd Autumn camp, then this week I’ve turned my attention to my first overseas tour of the year.

Tomorrow I’m heading off to New York for the first time (like a typical tourist I’m thoroughly excited to be able to see the Big Apple and particularly the Statue of Lady Liberty). We will also be taking a boat ride along the Hudson, but we are only in New York for a day before we will be heading out to Pennsylvania to attend the OBOD East Coast Gathering, and I can’t wait. Along with OBOD members I’ve spoken to over email and Facebook for years, but have never met, there’ll also be people who we have met at past events like the Pagan Spirit Gathering, who have since joined the Order. So we will see them again. Good times.

After the OBOD East Coast Gathering it’s off to Austria for a gig in Vienna, then the Austrian Broomstick Rally, and finally a road trip to Prague for a gig there (last year I had my first ever stage-diver in Prague. Not something you usually get at a folk concert, but they are an amazing, lively audience!!) Then back home.

So my blog might be a little bit Damh’s Travel journal over the next couple of weeks, but I hope you enjoy the trip with me!

In the mean time here’s a lovely photo of a stoat.