Silent Moon – The Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

Continuing the series of short ‘making of’ videos, this one tells the story behind the song Silent Moon, dedicated to our Lady of the Night Sky.

The new album, Antlered Crown and Standing Stone, is available here

Previous videos can be found here:

Antlered Crown and Standing Stone

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Branwen’s Lament

Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)

The Dreaming

The January Man

2 responses to “Silent Moon – The Making of Antlered Crown and Standing Stone”

  1. Since buying this album it has been in my player continually. As I have said before, I think this is your best album so far. It has been interesting to listen to you telling how you came to write the songs and their meanings. One other thing about this album is your choice of January Man. Dave Goulder is well know to us and we have quite a lot of his music, so it was doubly special to find his song along with yours.
    Thank you for your words and music, it means more than you can ever know. Joining in with your concerts at camps is the highlight of our year.

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