Scarborough Faire – Live at the Victoria, Swindon

Scarborough Faire – Live at the Victoria, Swindon

A beautiful moment from a wonderful recent gig. Scarborough Faire, live at the Victoria, Swindon, just a few weeks ago. The soundman recorded the whole gig, so I’m wondering what to do with it. But here is a song from that night.


11 responses to “Scarborough Faire – Live at the Victoria, Swindon”

  1. What a lovely treat to wake up to! Thank you Dave.

    I agree with the above, it’s been awhile since you did a live album. If this is up to snuff, (and it sounded great to my admittedly untrained ear) clean it up and release it! It might make a good offering to keep in your pocket while you continue to work on your Y Mabinogi epic. It could keep the fans sated while you tackle your magnum opus. 🙂

  2. Your fans have spoken, Damh. Another live album would be nice. Songs could come from other gigs, too!

  3. I don’t generally like live albums but in this case I agree with Elizabeth as well. I would pick it up.

  4. It was a great night, and would make a great live album. Please release me let me go !

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