Sabbat (2015)


Damh’s latest album – if the 2012 album Antlered Crown and Standing Stone album was a more reflective collection of music (with, of course a number of rousing Pagan anthems!) this new collection of songs harks back to Spirit of Albion and The Cauldron Born. The anthems have a folk-rock feel, and the ballads have even more depth and meaning. The inclusion of the classic folk song Scarborough Faire and a cover of Lady in Black by Uriah Heep makes this an album that will surely please old and new fans of Damh’s music alike.

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Album Downloads available from iTunes and Amazon MP3

Lyrics and ‘making of’ links are below.


The Wicker Man

Scarborough Faire

On the Shoulders of Giants

Iron from Stone

Lady in Black

When You Were Born

Forgotten, Never Be

Time Machine

Thundersbarrow Hill