Relight the Children’s Fire

I am very honoured to be a part of an active Pagan mens’ group here in Sussex.

Meeting in mixed groups is a wonderful thing but, as many women in the Pagan community already know, meeting with a circle of people of our own sex is something different. With the growing number of Goddess and women-only groups a few of us male Pagans decided to take that lead and get together on a regular basis to deeply explore the masculine principle of nature, and what it means to be a man in the Pagan world, and the our wider society.

One of the most important aspects of group work is really getting to know each other. Not just the surface stuff, but what makes us tick. The deeper inner workings and beliefs that guide us in our lives. So as part of this getting to know each other a couple of weeks ago we spent some time sharing our inner thoughts on those men that have inspired us. The talking stick went around and one of our group began to talk about a man called Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney. I’m sorry to say that I’d never heard of him, so I looked him up on YouTube and what this man has to say about life gets right to the heart of who we are. He is an amazing speaker, and this exploration of his work, for me, has just begun.

I thought I would share one of his talks with you here on my blog.

Take some time to watch it, and after let us all make The Children’s Fire the centre of our communities.

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