Reconnecting to the Source many people every now and I feel like I’m losing touch with the source of my spirituality. The still pool of inspiration and spirit can feel like it is covered in mist.

How can we clear that mist to see the stillness of the pool once more?

Life is busy, for everyone, and that busyness turns us into human doings, rather than human beings. It’s so important to remember ourselves amongst the treadmill of life. To take time to connect to what it is that drew us to our path in the first place.

I’ve heard people say that they just don’t feel connected, that their spirituality just doesn’t seem to have the power in their lives that it used to. Often, when I ask what they have done that is relevant to their spiritual lives recently, the reply is “very little if anything at all, I just don’t have the time these days”.

Little wonder then that the mist has drawn in around the pool.

Isn’t it odd that the first things to go when we find ourselves busy are the things that nourish and feed us and allow us to keep the connections we vitally need? I know that many of us find time for Facebook and view that as our relaxation time. But is reading endless updates really helping? Really? It does’t for me. I think it does, but then after I see how much time has passed I feel, to be honest, a little worse.

So rather than spending too much time on Facebook, I’ve been out walking my puppy. I’ve seen more of this Spring than I have for some years. I’ve been taking Oscar to places that I used to go when I first discovered Paganism. Places of power for me. I’ve written about some of them on this blog over the past couple of weeks. Places where I did my work with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids; places where I wrote some of my first songs; places where I had my initiations; places that have helped to change my life.

Memory is an amazing thing. Images and feelings lay dormant for years but when we hear a song, or go to a place that was important to us, those memories can return, full force. It’s really been an amazing journey, and it continues.

Actively connecting.

And each day more of that mist has cleared, until now I sit beside the pool, breath in the air, thank the Gods for all that is, and feel truly alive.

If you are having trouble staying connected the source of your spiritual path, don’t forget to make time for yourself. Spend the time you would have spent on Facebook today doing something that truly nourishes your spirit.

Take a deep breath.

Stop reading this and just be.

16 responses to “Reconnecting to the Source”

  1. Mmmmm……..have been feeling exactly the same for a while myself despite spending a lot of time on our allotment which is my little patch of heaven. Un subscribed and un installed
    Facebook a couple of weeks ago and actually (after the initial shock of cold turkey) feel much better for having done so.

    • Facebook can be great, especially for keeping in touch with friends who live a long way away. I think it becomes more than that though – it takes a form of escape, and burns time that could be much more usefully placed elsewhere. Not sure I could delete the app though, very strong move! Good for you.

  2. You are so right about the computer taking over any spare time, time that could be put to better use, a positive use. I find myself stuck in the habit of turning on the laptop as soon as I get up so I can catch up on emails then facebook, then before you know it, a couple of hours have gone by. This is a habit I’m now conscience of, also most of the news on the computer is quite negative and draining, what with fracking and all the petitions going around. So time for a change! Back to designing my garden into a spiritual sanctuary and reconnecting with whats important. Thank you for the post Dave!

  3. Hi Damh,

    I love your recognition of the challenge of spending too much time on social media connecting/reconnecting with magical folk against getting out there placing your feet on the ground with our natural friends. At this moment, my own mental and physical health challenges are significant. However, your magical connections and inspirations are planting seeds that, joyously, do not remain dormant. Already, I have been encouraged to listen to your musings and connect with other magicians on the path and I have managed to get out amoungst the Green and Pleasant Land unexpectedly – including a Faerie Festival in Alfriston recently. I guess my point is that I must thank the social media sites that allowed me to witness your posts and encourage me to see beyond the Black Dog, take it for a walk and play it some fab music. Mx

    • Don’t forget a visit to a certain beer festival too 😉 Good spirits there as well. Loads of love Marc x

  4. Behold this sword, Dragon-hawk!
    The sword that rose from the lake of still meditation,
    The sword of truth, of Spirit and of light,
    Always sharp, and always with us
    If our lake be stilled

    Memories 🙂

  5. Yep you’re right….computers are great but the numerous links etc. can soak up tons of time. Nearly a year ago you posted something similar about reconnecting – which I read and since then I’ve joined the OBOD, been to my first Grove meeting at Beltane, read some of my Gwers booklets and generally reached into myself again to remember so many of the things I’ve ‘forgotten’ for the last 30 odd years! Thanks Dahm again for being part of my path and journeying. Oscar was obviously sent your way to help you to remember too!

    • Lovely! I think having a focus like the Gwersi can be of tremendous help. I miss getting mine to be honest.

  6. Couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you. I am chest deep in work, over-work really, knee deep in a new management course and feeling like I am stuck at the bottom of a slippery slope. I have had so little opportunity to relax and know I need it more than ever! My OBOD course has stalled and has for some time, its so my fault, and so I am going to take your advice and reflections to heart and get back to what matters!! You again, like others have said, are part of the journey as your music reminds me of what I feel and need and takes me back to the source. Thank you 🙂

    • It’s true that making sure we take time for ourselves actually helps us in our other commitments, like work. Burn out isn’t fun. Happened to me a few years back and now I carefully watch for the signs, and then make sure I take time out before it gets too bad. Enjoy the course Jo!

  7. Bit late with a reply here! I was obviously pre-empting the blog and not spending time online. Far too busy feeding all the beautiful new Tits, Sparrows, Starlings, Moorhen, Coots, Sygnets, Goldfinches etc, etc in and near my garden. Wonderful time of year. BB

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