Raising a chalice to Chalice Well

Last night I played an acoustic concert in the Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury and I woke this morning completely chilled and blissed out. I arrived at the gardens at around 4.30pm so had plenty of time to have a walk around, sit and do some meditation beside the pools, and just take in the peace and healing energies of this magical place. I really wanted to play the set fully acoustically, but the noise from the passing road worried me a bit, but the fact that I’d forgotten a lead from my PA system decided it for me in the end! The gates opened at 7pm, and I took this picture just as people were beginning to arrive – always an exciting time for me. There was some background noise at first, but that fell away as the traffic died down.

The people who run the Chalice Well are truly amazing. They provided teas, coffees, freshly made juices, sandwiches, the lot! So people had some lovely nibbles too. It was a full moon, and although it was cloudy, I could feel the influence of the Lady.

I played two sets, each of just about an hour and, the odd lorry and the occasional noise from some people at the neighboring White Springs permitting, I know that people could hear clearly and joined in with the singing and had a good time – but I think when I play there again I’ll use the PA just to be sure. Another magical experience, reminding me how lucky I am to be able to do what I do.

I’m performing at the Mercian Gathering this weekend on Friday – apparently the largest Pagan camp in the country. Can’t wait 🙂

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  1. So wonderful to meet you Damh….what a fantastic weekend at the Mercian Gathering. The Damh the Bard Tribute band is being formed as we speak :o)
    I’ve plugged your music on my Blog. Hope you’ve recovered from the weekend.

    I’ll be in touch very soon!
    Love (Dagda) Pixie Sue xxx

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