Dr. Vivianne Crowley has sent me an email with a link to a survey she has created.

This is from her email:

I’ve been invited by the British Sociological Association’s Sociology of Religion group to give a paper next month on Pagan responses to the UK Census 2011.

There is a big difference of course between the survey numbers and those quote for number of Pagans in the UK and I’m trying to tease out some of the reasons. One might be that numbers have been inflated of course. The other might be that Pagans for various reasons were under-reported.

I wonder if you’d be kind enough, if you completed the Census, to answer the survey by clicking this link.


 All responses are anonymous.

I’d like to get as many responses from Pagan Druids as I can and it would be great also if you could post the link to any Druid groups that you’re involved with.

So there you go. I’ve completed the survey. If you are interested in this kind of information becoming clearer, please click the link and fill it in.

The more who do this, the more information we will have.