Only Son

Only Son

(Damh the Bard)

This song was originally going to be called Herne’s Apprentice, about an apprentice, and his Shaman teacher walking into a forest as the old Shaman prepares to move on. But as I wote the song, it developed into a touching dialogue between Father and Son. A tear jerker, this one…

Take your time,
Cause I can’t walk any faster,
With every step you take you’ll find,
That my time is drawing closer.
And all I’ve said and all I’ve done,
You are my friend, my only Son.

And I love you,
You’re my friend, my only Son,
I’m your Father,
Please don’t look away,
For the dark of the night will give way to a bright new day.

Take my hand,
For this journey is almost over,
I can see the Western Lands,
And their hills are clad in clover.
I swear by blood, I swear by bone,
That you will never be alone.

Beside this stream,
With its gentle waters flowing,
I close my eyes to end this dream,
With Spring’s new leaves unfurling,
And when the Lady calls your name,
I’ll hold you in my arms again.