(Damh the Bard) 

…..so I tried to write a love song…… I love singing this song, especially around a camp fire, and smile as the couples get more intimate…..

I am temptation, and I am the air that you breathe.
Mine are the lips, and yours is the skin that I tease.
When you close your eyes, I am the face that you see.
Mine is the voice inviting you to lie with me.

I am the vampire at your door, please let me in,
I am the fire that draws the sweat from your skin.
Tooth and nail bring the bitter sweetness of pain.
Your love I drink like the blood that flows in your veins.

Let me come to you and be the Sun in your sky,
Under my heat on golden corn you will lie,
The Moon may shine but you are the Goddess I see,
And lying there naked you wake up the God within me.