I sometimes feel that spirituality and religion provide a way for people to escape our so-called reality. It can be hard to cope with the pressures that are placed upon us everyday, and sometimes these pressures can become so much that an escape becomes deeply desirable.

Some spiritual paths offer enlightenment, suggesting that at the end of this journey lies a golden carrot that will, after much hard work and dedication, make you something more than human. You will certainly have the tools at your disposal to cope with everyday life. Others offer transcendence suggesting that the Earth, and this life, are somehow secondary to that which lies beyond our normal perception. Others still suggest that we are here to be punished for our sins and the real peace only lies after death.

To me the promise of Druidry lies in ‘wholeness’. Above the Temple of Delphi were written the words Know Thyself – a great motto for life, but along with this also should be And Know Your Place in the World – something equally as challenging. To be a spiritual person, to acknowledge and travel in other realities, to believe in some form of afterlife, and to feel the presence of Nature spirits and the Old Gods are all part of my Druidry, but so is learning to be truly present in this world, here and now, not to escape it, but to live within it, completely, wholly, and as honestly as I can.