New Lyric – Thundersbarrow Hill

When Cerri and I did our deep ancestry DNA test with the National Geographic’s GENO 2 program it really didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that I had a good chunk of Danish Viking in my genes. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, it was pretty obvious, but it was good to have it officially confirmed. Since then I’ve wanted to write a song dedicated to the beliefs of my ancient Scandinavian ancestors.

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Thundersbarrow on Southwick Hill

The song was inspired by a local site here in Sussex that is about 45 minutes walk from my home. On the South Downs is an iron age hill fort that is named after the bronze age Barrow that stands just beside it called Thundersbarrow. With a name like that it is sure to have been named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, so I took a walk up there and asked the site to tell its story.

Here is the result. The tune is a cracker and I can’t wait to record it for the new album!

I hope you enjoy the story!


Thundersbarrow Hill – Damh the Bard

Verse 1

High upon the Southern Downs,

Through fields and over stile,

I walked to old Thundersbarrow Hill,

Where I stopped to rest a while,

Then I saw a mighty hammer,

And a dragon in full sail,

It’s then a voice tell its tale.


Verse 2

I will tell you of my Father,

Frenzied Fury was his name.

A God of War with a poet’s tongue,

To him they were the same.

He created all of Midgard,

Every field and hill and vale,

In the oceans the World Serpent ate its tail.



Nine days to hang on Yggdrasil,

Nine nights upon the tree,

To learn the wisdom of the Runes,

While Thought and Memory,

Fly high over Midgard,

Their stories for to tell,

To those who stop to rest a while,

On Thundersbarrow Hill.


Verse 3

A pool of wisdom lies within,

The roots of Yggdrasil,

My Father asked of Great Mimir,

If he could drink his fill,

Blinded to all wisdom,

And the gifts prophecy,

He gave his eye,

So he could clearly see.


Verse 4 

I felt the breath of Summer,

I heard the Skylark’s song,

And the curve of Thundersbarrow Hill,

That I had slept upon.

This land remembers stories,

Of all who came before,

And it will tell those tales,


13 responses to “New Lyric – Thundersbarrow Hill”

  1. I love the way the landscape and the old traditions infuse your songs. But I guess that’s the mark of a true bard. I’ve always felt this affinity with the natural world but don’t have the ability to express it anywhere near as eloquently as you always do. Great respect and blessings to you 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to hear it in all it’s glory. Very atmospheric as usual. Thank-you for three many hours you’ve helped me through my housework lol xxxx

  3. I love the new lyrics, cant wait for your new album. Your bards stories makes me long for my europian heritage, through your songs i can see my ancestors as they were. You are amazing & will always b lookin forward to new songs. You help make the days much brighter. Blessed be damh the bard and all who adore you. Xxxxxx

  4. Long have I wished poets with their spiritual priorities in order would write about Heathen gods. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Wow! Been listening to Norse Sagas and getting some guidance from Odin lately so it is perfect timing for me. Can’t wait to hear the song!

  6. GREAT ideas and words too. I like the others who’ve commented already, look forward to hearing the song set to your tune. Keep up the good work! (especially given to glorious weather we’re having and all of the outside growing in such splendor). xxx

  7. Hi Dave, Wonderul lyrics, will we be hearing them at the Summer OBOD bash? I followed a similar route with my DNA and found out my mothers line was Sami and my fathers line Mongolian, all within the last thousand years, that’s only 50/60 generations…..

  8. Amazing lyrics! I could almost hear a tune in the background. Can’t wait for your new CD! Cheers and Blessed Be.

  9. I am so looking forward to hearing Thundersbarrow Hill. It will surely be as moving sung as it is to read.
    All your words and music are so moving. Thank you for writing as you do.

  10. Looking forward to hearing you sing this one! Can we now expect more songs connected to your ancestry? I certainly look forward to that.

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