A new song dedicated to the Goddesses and the cycles of the Moon.
Silent Moon
Damh the Bard
Verse 1:
Silver you fly,
A ghost in the sky,
Like a ship on a boundless deep sea.
You are a Goddess,
To this holy novice,
A spiritual refugee.
Selene and Astarte,
Artemis, Hecate,
Moon, silent moon.
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 2:
My right hand it catches,
Your power as it waxes,
A silver smile in the night,
I feel you growing,
The seeds I am sowing,
Fed by the Maiden’s Moonlight.
Isis and Luna,
Ceridwen, Diana,
Moon, silent moon.
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 3:
When you are waning,
And times they are changing,
I offer into your care,
In a world gone insane,
You heal the pain,
As the Mother, you’re always there.
I catch your reflection,
and I see the perfection,
Of moon, silent moon
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 4:
I cannot see you,
But I can feel you,
When the veil has hidden your face,
And as the Crone,
You lead the dead home,
To the comfort of your embrace.
I have a notion,
a Lunar devotion,
To moon, Silent moon
Moon, Silent moon.