New lyric – Silent Moon

A new song dedicated to the Goddesses and the cycles of the Moon.
Silent Moon
Damh the Bard
Verse 1:
Silver you fly,
A ghost in the sky,
Like a ship on a boundless deep sea.
You are a Goddess,
To this holy novice,
A spiritual refugee.
Selene and Astarte,
Artemis, Hecate,
Moon, silent moon.
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 2:
My right hand it catches,
Your power as it waxes,
A silver smile in the night,
I feel you growing,
The seeds I am sowing,
Fed by the Maiden’s Moonlight.
Isis and Luna,
Ceridwen, Diana,
Moon, silent moon.
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 3:
When you are waning,
And times they are changing,
I offer into your care,
In a world gone insane,
You heal the pain,
As the Mother, you’re always there.
I catch your reflection,
and I see the perfection,
Of moon, silent moon
Moon, silent moon.
Verse 4:
I cannot see you,
But I can feel you,
When the veil has hidden your face,
And as the Crone,
You lead the dead home,
To the comfort of your embrace.
I have a notion,
a Lunar devotion,
To moon, Silent moon
Moon, Silent moon.

13 responses to “New lyric – Silent Moon”

  1. She may only be a reflection of the Sun, but she has a beauty all her own, that misty jewel the ancient Hebrews called the Dove on the Distant Oak…
    What a perfect time to write her a song, I needed a new one for my full moon meditations! Cheers!

  2. wow just awesome i love the words and felt like i related to them very well .. can’t wait to here them sang by you .. blessed be

  3. Can’t wait to hear those beautiful words put together with your wonderful music Damh! When do we get to hear this? And you’d better plan on a NY concert (upstate) next year….or else!!!! My crows are going to come and find you 🙂 Morgana

  4. OMGoddess these lyrics made me cry! How gorgeous! And how beautiful 2 c what I’ve felt expressed so perfectly! Can’t WAIT 2 hear the song!!!

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