New Lyric – On the Shoulders of Giants

After the blue plaque was unveiled I was filled with a sense of arrival.

For years it had felt like us modern Pagans had to justify our paths, looking for links to a distant past that gave us some kind of authenticity. Much of this angst came from within the community itself. But over recent years I’ve noticed this ease off as the seeds planted by the likes of Gardner, Valiente, the Sanders, Nichols, have sprouted and have now pushed through the surrounding stones into more fertile ground to form strong roots.

I wanted to write a song that reflected that, so here are the words.

Coming to a new Damh the Bard studio album hopefully late 2014.


On the Shoulders of Giants – Damh the Bard – August 2014

Verse 1

Ancient stone, shadows of firelight, conspire to conceal,

This was my home, I sheltered from the night, now every brush reveals,

How I ran with the wild, I ran with my brothers, with arrow and with spear,

I left you this gift, for 10,000 years.


Verse 2

Romans came,  a mighty army, to the shores of Ynys Mon,

I’ve heard it said, I’ve heard the story, how the Druids had all gone.

But what stays in our hearts, remains in our memory, of story and of song,

And they have been here, all along.



The Ancients opened the door,

We’re the same as ever before,

We will hear you forevermore,


So by peace and love we stand,

Heart to heart and hand in hand,

On the shoulders of giants we stand.


Verse 3

Is the way lost, is it broken, fallen from our hands,

Like shards of glass, worn by the ocean, into grains of sand.

But they’re raised by the wind, and scattered like ashes, all across the land,

And we won’t forget, we understand.

9 responses to “New Lyric – On the Shoulders of Giants”

  1. Beautiful….. as always those lyrics are beautiful. Im so looking forward to your new cd. I will b the first inline to buy it, here in northern california
    Blessed be to you & all who adore you

  2. Beautiful song. I can’t wait to hear it sung and the rest of your album as well. Thank you, also, for I needed to be reminded this morning that nothing is lost, nothing is wasted, and the pattern entwines through all that is, and your words are a gift to me to call me back to the center.

  3. Another of your beautiful pagen anthems coming up that I am quite sure I will be unable to stop singing along to, randomly, wherever I am (quite alarming in supermarkets)! Can’t wait.

  4. I am so very happy so many have found their way, back to the old ways. In no small part because of you and your education in lyric and song. The Pagan world needs you. Blessings of the Awen to you, our Bard.

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