Let’s catch up on some things!

IMG_0288This year has been the Year of the Gig for me. Almost every weekend you’ll hear the sounds of Spirit of Albion, or Hills they are Hollow echoing through a field, woodland, hall or campsite. It really has been an incredibly exciting ride (and there are more to come too!), but I have been incredibly lazy when it comes to blogging my experiences onto The Bardic Blog.

I look at my fellow Bards like Kevan Manwarring with his Bard on a Bike blog, and the writer Kit Berry on Moongazy Girl, and they are always posting about their travels. I know what my problem has been… Twitter! You see, I’ve found myself ‘micro-blogging’ as the events happen, uploading photos and mini blogs actually from the event, so it feels like I’ve already written about it. But I now intend to fully address this and keep The Bardic Blog readers informed, up to date, and still keepIMG_0247 Twittering too!

I think the last concert I wrote about here was the OBOD Summer Gathering in June! Where have I been since then? I played a beautiful Handfasting evening, The Anderida Gorsedd conference in Sussex, Pagancon in Lancashire, Oakleaf camp in Yorkshire, the Artemis Gathering in Oxfordshire, and the Goddess Festival in Canterbury. It’s been an incredibly exciting time.

Since the release of The Cauldron Born things have really shifted up a gear, not just with the gigs, but with emails from people, Facebook fan pages and fanclubs, the DruidCast podcast continues to grow and now has around 10,000 monthly listeners worldwide. Every now and then I have to pinch myself to make sure this isn’t all just a dream. Then I realise it is a dream, my dream of a life of music, and it’s actually happening! And I am so grateful!! I’ve said this before but the major change I’ve noticed at concerts this year has been the audience’s singing. I always encourage an audience to join with me on the choruses of songs, but this year there have been times when I could have just stopped singing, and left the entire song to the audience; verse, bridge, chorus, the lot! Amazing!

In the next few months I’m heading off to play in Prague, Vienna, Scotland, Shropshire, Mercia and Australia, so I’ll be sure to write about what happens here on The Bardic Blog!

In the photos you can see the Hunter’s Moon Morris at the Anderida Gorsedd conference, and the stone circle at Oakleaf camp.

Until next time, peace, and blessed be xxx

4 responses to “Let’s catch up on some things!”

  1. It is so lovely to see such a magical bard singing to the country, and very exciting to think you are spreading the joy of your music to other countries. You are an inspiration to all of your listeners, and we can hear the echoes of your dream reflected in each and every beautiful song you write.
    I wish you luck in everything that you do- and Goddess be with you! X

  2. gosh 10,000 listeners.. that is wonderful.. and of course completely deserved as it is one of the best pagan podcasts out there.

    so Congratulation !!!!

    *throws leaf shaped confetti*

  3. Morning Dave,
    Managed to catch you couple of weekends ago at the
    Artimis Gathering, BRILLIANT!!!,,,,My Kids loved singing along with all their faves,,,including the selky, and ty for signing Amber’s copy of your book,,,,ermm maby you should have kept it so you remembered the words,,,only kidding m8,,Thank You for 2 wonderfull evenings,
    Be Blessed

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