June/July catchup Whew!

Another month passes, and soon we’ll be into August. As I look outside at the wind and rain I do wonder what happened to Summer, but I do hope that August at least allows the Sun to show its face for a while, before we head into September, and the Autumn Equinox arrives…!
So much has happened since I last wrote I barely know where to begin! It started with the concert at Channings Wood Prison, that I wrote about lst time.

The Tara Benefit concert in Glastonbury was a great success, raising about £1000 for the Tarawatch appeal. Jim, the Bard of Avebury, opened the evening, and then I played for around 45 minutes, with the Dolmen finishing the evening off. In between the performances there were rousing political presentations, and Archdruid of the Glastonbury Order of Druids also made a speech. At the end of the evening I also fulfilled a personal ambition of mine, to play on stage with the Dolmen. I joined them for the last two songs, and had a great time! Although my ears were still ringing about 5 days after the event!

I left Glastonbury and returned to Sussex to find a TV program had planned to transform the Long Man of Wilmington into a woman. Sounds like great fun I guess, until you realise that the hill figure has been vandalised over 4 times in the past 5 years, and there are signs everywhere asking people not to walk on him. So on the Monday of the filming I joined in with the protest that, after much more publicity, finally bore fruit in a formal apology from the custodians of the site, Sussex Past…. But there’s more.

The following Sunday I was back in Glastonbury for a gig in the wonderful Chalice Well Gardens as support to my great friends, Dragonsfly. With all of the rain, the people at the Well had decided to drop the idea of the open-air concert, and hired a lovely marquee on the main lawns. It was a magical and glorious night with over 200 people singing along, and generally having a great time. I’m back at the Chalice Well on the 28th August for a completely acoustic concert under the full Moon – lets hope for clear skies!

I finally received the finished proof of my song book, and it’s now available from Lulu.com as either an A4 paperback book, or a pdf download. I must admit I’m really pleased with it, and about as excited as I am when I finish a new CD. If you decide to buy one, I hope it brings you much fun as you play the songs!

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  1. I can’t wait for that new CD 🙂
    And Damh, I like reading your blog 😉

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