Actually it isn’t, but it has been a bit quiet here on the blog since the launch of my new album, so I thought an update was in order.

The album launched on the 31st March and within the day it had reached number 1 on the Amazon MP3 folk charts. It even reached number 7 in the rock charts! So my friends you have given me the gift of a number one best selling album. Who would have thought it? An independent Pagan folk musician, with an album at number 1 on Amazon. In true Brit style I celebrated with a lovely cup of tea.

The album is now on iTunes, my website store, Amazon MP3, Google Music, Rdio, Spotify, everywhere you would expect to find it. I’ve also recently sent the first batch of CDs to CDBaby so they should soon be on sale there, and then they will get the Sabbat CD onto Amazon worldwide.

The day after the album launch my wife Cerri went into hospital for a hip replacement operation. Over the year her arthritis had progressed and even though she is young they agreed to the operation. She’s currently sitting on the sofa across from me asleep and recovering. This operation will give her a new lease of life. I’m really looking forward to sharing my river walks with Oscar with Cerri again – the pain had got so bad she needed two walking sticks and just couldn’t come with us anymore. It’ll take a while for the healing but then we will be out walking together again.

So I haven’t really had a lot of time to think about much else, hence the blog falling quiet for a week and a bit. But rest assured, I haven’t gone away and normal service will be resume very soon.

Peace, and blessed be!