It’s a boy, no a girl, no – It’s a film!

On the 30th April 2011 the cast and crew gathered in a woodland in Sussex to begin filming Sprit of Albion, the Movie. Before we did anything else we held hands in a circle and asked for the blessings of the Spirits of the Land and of the Old Ones to see the film through to completion. We took some deep breaths, then the filming began – the first shoot being my performance of Pagan Ways, then I watched my song Green and Grey come to life before my eyes. It was an amazing moment I will never forget.

A year on to the day and there are two premiers being held in the UK tonight, one in the north of England which still has a few tickets left, and one in the south at the Hawth in Crawley that is sold out. Then tomorrow the DVDs go on sale. I can barely believe it’s actually finished.

I know that there have been independent films created in the past that have held magic in the hearts. The films of Kenneth Anger spring to mind, and I know that many Pagans (me included) love the old 70s horror film The Wicker Man, but that has really been adopted by us, and the final scene isn’t exactly the best publicity message for the Pagan community. I think with The Wicker Man it’s the magical vibe, and the songs, that we love.

Well, now we have a film that is truly ours, and I hope it will be loved just as much as Anger’s and The Wicker Man. A film that is about magic, and our relationship with the Land and it’s old myths and legends. It will take people on a journey, and there is one message held at the very heart of the film, a message that we don’t get very much from our regular TV, movies, or other media.

The message is one of hope.

Happy Birthday Spirit of Albion – The Movie!

12 responses to “It’s a boy, no a girl, no – It’s a film!”

  1. saw a few clips and am waiting with bated breath for my copy of the DVD, Wish I could have been at the premier, good luck to you all and many thanks for the ‘Spirit of Albion’!

  2. Congratulations! Alas, I am stuck across the pond and can’t see it on the big screen, but I just ordered my DVD and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  3. For those of you who haven’t yet seen Spirit of Albion, the Movie, you are in for a treat. I saw it last night in Preston (North England, for those in foreign climes) and it left me feeling very proud – of being a pagan, a druid, British and, last but not least, proud to be a friend of someone as inspiring as Damh. And this morning guess what arrived in the post? The DVD! How’s that for service?! So I’m even feeling proud of Royal Mail at the moment. 🙂

  4. i cannot wait to see this~to have something so connected to the land and with what i am…actually i cannot explain just how i feel!

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