I suppose many of us thought that the computer age would give us more leisure time.

It’s quicker to answer emails than write and post physical letters, almost all of our business and personal activities are on one device, and now we can even take our work with us on our smart phones.

We did gain more time, unfortunately just we filled it, then it flooded over.

Now, not only can people write a letter, they can email, PM people on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, call us on the phone, leave messages all over social media, leave comments on blogs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not bemoaning direct contact with fans of my music, I love that. I am one of the lucky people in this world who gets to earn a living doing what they love, and I know I can only do that because of you. But not everyone is that lucky, and for them the boundary between home and work is becoming more and more blurred. Why not answer those work emails while your sitting on the sofa with your partner? Check that website etc? It’s not a good way to live.

I’ve seen some of my friends’ lives become so busy the word is almost a mantra that they are proud of. In the past when I asked how people were the answer might have Abbot_of_Watkungtaphao_in_Tat_Hong_Waterfallbeen a rather insipid “fine”, but now more and more the answer is a very telling “busy”.

Is that what we want?

What does that mean?

Are we defining the meaningfulness of our lives by how busy we are?

And as our busy-ness becomes more overwhelming what is the first thing to go? The things that do us good – exercise, our spiritual practices, our social life.

It’s not a healthy way to be.

5 minutes. That’s all it takes to sit down, turn off the computer and the smart phone, light some incense, make yourself comfortable, and spend just 5 minutes in meditation.

Focus on your breath.

Calm your thoughts.

Just 5 minutes.

Anyone can spare 5 minutes.

I bet most of us spend more than 5 minutes on Facebook each day. Instead, let’s look after ourselves. Cut off from the electronics. Make some non-busy time in our lives.

Shall we ban the word ‘busy’ as a throw away description of our lives and instead find a more meaningful response?

What could that be?