Interview about Y Mabinogi with Wyldwood Radio

Interview about Y Mabinogi with Wyldwood Radio

On Monday night I had the pleasure of chatting with Herne from Wyldwood Radio about my forthcoming album Y Mabinogi – The Second Branch. At times our conversation veered off beautifully into some very interesting and unexpected places. I’ve known Herne for a very long time and it was lovely to catch up.

Wildwood Radio is going through an exciting rebirth right now, so if you like my music, and you’d like to hear more from my Pagan music brothers and sisters around the world, do tune in and support this valuable resource for the worldwide Pagan community.

You can find Wyldwood Radio here, and if you’d like to listen to their stream of the interview on Wyldwood you can find that here.

Or you can press the button below right now and listen right here on the blog.


3 responses to “Interview about Y Mabinogi with Wyldwood Radio”

  1. Hi Damh I enjoyed listening to your interview and I’m waiting eagerly for the release of album 2. I also wanted to thank you for mentioning Wyldwood Radio. I hadn’t come across them and I just love it. So much wonderful music and a number of bands I hadn’t come across. My album ‘wants’ list has tripled!

  2. Loved, loved loved the interview! Thanks for sharing and thanks for another radio spot in which to find yours and your friends stories weave into song! Enjoying it all. Waiting for the next recording release. Best to you and yours my friends, and Blessing to you at this Mabon.

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