I could never resist, could you?

Imagine a Cauldron hanging over a fire, it’s in a small room, dark, the air smelling of rich herbs carried on the steam. The contents of the cauldron, bubbling, glimmering red, blue, yellow, shimmering with light, stirred by a youth whose attention is on other far-away things. The cauldron has been bubbling for a year and a day, and finally it is ready. Whoever tastes just three drops will know the secrets of all that ever was, is, and ever will be.

Would you taste from this brew?

Once a young boy did just that and he was hunted down by the Goddess. Shape-shifter was he, and She also, as they ran through the Realms of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, only then was he consumed by the Goddess Herself and reborn as a Bard.

Still interested?

I could never resist, could you?

4 responses to “I could never resist, could you?”

  1. A tough question though…
    If you were tasked with stirring the pot but not to taste its contents – which you agreed to do – would you taste it, or remain true to your oath and honour?

    The fact that Gwion didn’t taste it, but licked the splashes meant that he never broke his oath not to drink from the cauldron.

    A question that I am not sure I could answer in whole; but I would not promise that I wouldn’t lick the splashes if they landed on me.

  2. Thanks for posting David. If specifically asked not to taste it, I wouldn’t. I would hopefully be patient enough to wait for my time.

    However, the spitting cauldron, and Gwion’s reaction to the burn, could suggest that fate was involved – and then I could see myself responding in the same way.

  3. I would definitely have a taste if I knew that knowledge would come with it … should I be given a warning … well … depends on who that being was.

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