I am now officially a tourist!

We left the Ashram and the lovely company of Chris and Frank yesterday. They don’t have a website but if they did I’d recommend any visitor to the Adelaide Hills to stay with them. Over the time we spent there I tried the most amazing Australian king prawns (OMG!), chilled out watching their resident Koala, tried Frank’s awesome homemade dark ale, salads picked fresh from their land, and watched black cockatoos fly across the sky.

I am rapidly falling in love with Australia. It might be hot, but it’s a dry heat, so I’m finding it more comfortable than some of our hotter English Summers. The food, wine and beer is fresh and glorious, and the people are full of life and really fascinating to spend time with. Our hosts Mike and Louise are wonderful people – and to think this trip all came about through contact via MySpace!

I am now officially a tourist. Today we went out and I bought a Jackaroo Australian hat and no wonder they are so popular! Light and perfect for this climate. Then Louise took us to a little restaurant in Mount Barker where we ate probably the most healthy meal of my life!

Last night while we sat and watched some TV I saw an advert for a Pearl Jam concert here in Adelaide this coming Tuesday. Now there is no way there would be tickets available for a PJ gig two days before a show in the UK, but we checked on the web and there were tickets! So tomorrow we are going to a wildlife park during the day, and then off to the Adelaide Oval stadium to see Pearl Jam in the evening. What a ride!

More soon! Xxx

2 responses to “I am now officially a tourist!”

  1. Hi Damh,

    That’s great you are having such a good time. Yes, we are blessed with our wonderful fresh food and beautiful wildlife. This country certainly has a magic about it.

    The hat looks great on you mate! I’m glad you bought one. One needs a good bonnet to keep the sun off. You’re almost a local now!

    Yes, I know the place that you ate at, but have never been there. I work in Mount Barker and often pass it. There is a great bakery just accross the road that does great pies and pasties.

    That’s brilliant that you have got tickets to the Pearl Jam concert. That should rock! Tikarma and I are off to Tori Amos on Thursday.

    Take care mate and I hope to catch up with you soon.

    Beannachd leat,


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