I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts yesterday called Mysterious Universe. The guest was a retired CSI who had just finished a book about the supernatural experiences he and those who work in CSI Law Enforcement have had over the years. He recounted tales of spirits following home crime investigators from crime scenes, and Otherworldy visitations linked to the job of the CSI. It was a fascinating interview.

As I listened to the interview it got me thinking…

At one point he said he was introduced at a large CSI gathering and they told the delegates about the book. From the stage they asked if any of those present had had any unexplainable experiences on the job. Not one hand went up. But when he started to quietly talk to people, there was someone at every table with a story – they had just been too embarrassed to stand up and say anything.

I wonder, in this world and age of online criticism and Atheistic ‘prove it’ finger pointing, how many Pagans have had incredibly powerful and direct encounters with Spirits, the Faerie and the Gods and simply are too uncomfortable to do the equivalent of standing up to let people know what happened? I’m sure this sharing happens in our Covens and Groves, but aren’t these kinds of experiences exactly what this Path is all about – direct experience? Yet I rarely see this information shared online, and when it is, there is always someone there ready to drag people down.

So something is brewing my friends. It might be a book, a series of interviews on a podcast, or a series of blog posts. It might be nothing at all. But this is something I’m very interested in hearing about and if I am, maybe there are others out there too.

So, if you have had what some may call a ‘peak experience’ with a Deity, the Faerie, during ritual, or out walking, it doesn’t matter, drop me a message using the contact page here and let me know. Go into as much detail as you like, if there are moments of synchronicity include as many as you can. But also how did that experience influence the rest of your life? Did it happen again or just once? What about the experience made you think it was more than simply synchronicity or coincidence?

If stories come through I’ll be able to see where this idea might go.

So over to you!