New Year celebrationsNew beginnings.

Both the Winter Solstice and Imbolc can be seen as perfect times to think about new beginnings, but for some reason I was really conscious of the tolling bell of Big Ben at midnight of the 31st December 2013. There was a time when that time and date were my benchmark for looking forward, wiping the slate clean, and looking to a new adventure. Then my cycle tuned more and more into the eightfold Wheel of the year and I found the Winter Solstice and Imbolc being more important to me. But for some reason the old date returned as important this time.

Dates that offer the opportunity to refresh our intent, that allow us to look at our lives and actions and help us to put the past behind, and look with fresh eyes at the coming months are extremely useful. 2013 was, on the whole, a great year for me. It was one of those years that helped me focus on what I truly wanted.

2014 is the year I put that into full practice.

I haven’t made any resolutions. There’s no point. I know that. But I have set myself some goals for this year.

More short tours in different parts of the country.

More regular blog posts and newsletters.

Songbook 2 published.

A new studio album by the end of November.

So along with my other regular commitments that’s already a pretty busy, but incredibly creative, year. Come back in 12 months and let’s see if I achieved those goals!