So after 22 hours travelling we’ve finally arrived in Adelaide. We set off to Heathrow at 3.30pm on Tuesday and arrived here about 11.15 on Thursday. Somehow I lost Wednesday somewhere along the line!

The first frost had settled on the car on Monday morning and now, as I write this, it’s 39 degrees! Although it’s insanely hot, it’s a dry heat similar to that I used to experience in Africa, so it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Having said that I wouldn’t want to be stuck out in it with no shade!

Our hosts here are getting married tomorrow. They are lovely folk and I’m sure it’s going to be lovely day. Then it’s the Druids Dreaming festival on Saturday. I went down with a cold the day after Witchfest and still have a bit of a tickly cough but luckily most of the other syptoms have gone. Whatever – I fully intend to give as best a perfomance I can give after they have flown me halfway around the world to see me play!!

And it’s good to be able to update my blog on my iPhone and be able to keep in touch with people at home too. I’ll post more when I can. But for now it’s to sleep and try to find out what happened to Wednesday!