From the Cauldron 1

Last time I recorded a CD I didn’t have a blog, so I thought this time I would write up the progress here – thoughts on recording, the songs I’m working on, that kind of thing. Each post will be a From the Cauldron post.

I’ve laid down tracks for a number of songs so far:

Pagan Ways
Lughnasadh DanceOnly Human
Green and Grey

None are finished so as I add to them I’ll write about it here, until the album is mixed and sent off to be pressed.

This evening I put down the first tracks for Lughnasadh Dance – a song written by American Bard Gwydion Penderwen who sadly died in the 80s. I first heard this song performed by my friends The Dolmen back in the mid 90s on their debut tape (before indie bands could produce their own CDs!) On their album it was called Child of Barleycorn and I loved the hook immediately. This evening I put down the 6 string guitar tuned to DADGAD, and another track of a regular tuned guitar; I then put down a scratch vocal (a vocal just so I know where I am in the song); then Bass and Drums followed (I had great fun putting down the drums on this one!); finally a strummed mandolin.

The lead instrument still escapes me at the moment. I’ll just let the song rest now, and then see what comes when I go back to it.

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