I was in a heavy rock band in the mid-late 80s called Targa.

We had a typical 80s glam look and played music in the vein of Motley Crue, with melodic influences by other bands out at the time like Dokken (with a good dose of the heavier incoming bands like Metallica). It was a good mix.

The band consists of:

Neil Waterman – guitar

Alan Wheatley-Crowe – guitar

Kris Bloomfield – bass

Reiko – vocals

and me on the drums.

We played loads of gigs including several gigs at the Wellington in Shepherds Bush and got our first headlining show at London’s famous Marquee club. Alas we never played it as we split just before. We lost our vocalist and found it really hard to find a good replacement. Then one of the guitar players left and we just fizzled out.

Last week Neil found a tape still in one of his old tape recorders and on it was a recording of one of our very last rehearsals. Recorded using a couple of mics and a tape deck it’s completely live. We were still looking for a singer so no vocals, and the song was a new one that never got lyrics. But it was completely live, and we were 22-23 years old, and I think had some good potential. If we’d have had Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and all of the other stuff modern bands have who knows what we might have achieved. Anyway, I’m very happy for you to hear this, warts and all.

I hope you like it HEAVY!