Just before the last Winter solstice I was asked by the people at Folkcast if I would contribute something from a Druidic perspective to the Folklore and Traditions of the Winter Solstice section of their December podcast.

I thought hard about what I could offer.

Cerri and I have been running open rituals at the Long Man of Wilmington since the Spring Equinox of 2000, so that’s a lot of Solstice rituals to write. One of the rituals we came up with was to do away with the normal Oak King/Holly King battle with swords, and instead make it a battle of words.

In ancient times this was a respected form of Bardic interchange called a Colloquy (the most famous being The Colloquy of the Two Sages). So Cerri and I wrote a piece of prose on honour of this ancient Bardic challenge called the Colloquy of the Oak and Holly King. Played out before us by two of Anderida’s Bards is always a moving and powerful experience. So why not  create an audio version for Folkcast? Well, that’s what we did.

The audio version of the Colloquy is for the Winter Solstice, but if you go to the Colloquy’s page on my website here, you’ll also find the words written to be used at the Summer Solstice.

You can download the audio if you like, it’s a freebie on us.

I know the Solstices have just passed, but to me we are still under the influence of the festivals until Lughnasadh, so enjoy!