Fortean Paganism? Tell your Tale

Fortean Paganism? Tell your Tale

In a recent blog post I asked if any of you had gone through any ‘peak’ or strange, unexplainable experiences as you have walked your spiritual path. I said at the time I didn’t know quite what I would do with any of the responses but if you had time maybe you’d like to tell me about them. Well I got a lot of tales, through email, on my Facebook page, and through messenger so thank you!

What I was looking for among the stories were tales of physical contact, inexplainable encounters or synchronicities with spirits or entities, experiences of what you might call a ‘Fortean’ nature yet framed within the context of your spiritual paths.

One of the stories I received came from a folk singer by the name of Steve Thomason. The tale he told had finally led him to write a song about it, and when I heard the song I knew straight away that I wanted to share it on OBOD’s DruidCast podcast, which is what I did.

For the full story that led to the song you can listen to the full episode here, but here is the song itself.

Since then I’ve had a good number of emails and messages saying how much you had enjoyed the segment of the show, which made me wonder if that is how I can put these stories to good use – try to have a regular listener ‘this amazing thing happened to me’ tale.

So with that in mind here I am asking again, have had any ‘Fortean’ style experiences of maybe an Otherworldly nature that you would like to share? Any research or evidence that backs up the encounter is always very useful, and if you can tell the tale in your own words that reads as a story that would be even better, but not necessary.

Obviously I can’t promise to read them all out on the show as it only comes out monthly for an hour a month, but who knows, this might lead to other things too!

You can send me your story by using the contact page here on my website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. i have had many paranormal experiences but none directly connected to my “path”, per say….enjoying this blog, though 🙂 )O( peace n blessings!

  2. I consider myself very fortunate in knowing Steve. His songs are all amazing. Steve wrote songs for the Rillaton Wassail and Crying the Neck and his Old Songs is just beautiful. I find his songs very descriptive and I’m so very pleased to hear one of his songs on your podcast . Thank you x

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