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apogee_duetLast year I upgraded my iMac to a lovely new aluminium one with a good spec, all ready for recording a new album. But so far I’ve been bugged with latency issues with my current interface the M Audio Firewire Solo.

I’ve tried a number of alterations, and nothing has proved effective. So I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a new interface. After much searching the internet, looking at reviews i’ve gone for the Apogee Duet, as it’s made by Apple’s developing team to work diretly within Logic Studio.

It’ll be here tomorrow, so I’ll get it set up and let you know what I think!

2 responses to “For the techies – Audio Interface Decision”

  1. Good choice!
    Friends of mine use it, and they are more than fully confident with it. It integrates seamlessly into Logic, provides a clear signal and minimizes latency to near zero.
    And it’s so versatile and easy to use, like you can see here:

    I know, latency can be annoying, and if there’s one thing which is worth to spend money on, then it’s a good recording equipment.

    Thumbs up and lots of fun with your new Duet! 🙂


  2. Awesome news, Damh! Congratulations! I’m finally upgrading my 5-year-old G5 to a new Mac Pro. It arrives this week!

    I’ve been drooling over the Apogee Ensemble for the past year, but it is definitely overkill for what I need at present. I’ll stick with my Tascam FW1884 for now, which does the job well…

    But I think my next interface will definitely be something more portable (Ensemble or Metric Halo Mobile I/O) – and something with much better converters, clock and preamps.

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