First UK Tour date announced

A couple of months ago I posted a question on my Facebook page asking if people would like a Damh the Bard UK tour. The response was an overwhelming “yes” with offers of promotional help too. So since then I’ve been exploring venues and trying to work out a schedule.

This is the first time I’ve done this.

In the past I’ve either played festivals or one-off concerts around the country. It was doing these one-off concerts that made me realise that there are a lot of people who like my music, who want to see me play live, yet who don’t go to festivals so don’t have that opportunity.

This was the final push for me to organise the tour.

As it’s the first one it’ll consist of about 6-7 dates around the country. I’ll try to get as close to people as I can, but at the moment I’m not playing every county. I do hope that one of the dates is close enough to you so that you will make the journey to one of the concerts. These will be small, intimate venues, so booking in advanced is recommended if you want to be sure of your ticket.

As each date is confirmed I’ll post them on my blog.

It’s all very exciting!

So, the first confirmed date is my South East of England concert and it kicks off the tour.

Friday 25th October – The Fountain Music Bar – Hastings.   Tickets are now on sale and available from my online booking office by clicking this link.

More dates to come!

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