Fire in Mind – Glorious Pagan Fantasy Fiction

fire in mindTowards the end of the 80s my spiritual life was turning to a new direction. I’d been a student of Hermeticism since I left school and loved those times, but I was yearning for a more ‘earthy’ approach to magic. So I began to explore Paganism.

I’d known Julian (Jae) Miles for years before that. We were regulars at a Brighton nightclub called The Hungry Years – a rock and metal venue that sadly closed down a number of years ago, dropped the metal, and became “Charles Street’. Our journeys were very similar too. Jae was, and still is, a complete fantasy book reader. So our conversations often took us into the realms of magic and it was no surprise when our paths continued to merge into the exploration of Paganism.

As my love of music took me to songwriting, Jae’s took him into writing and storytelling, and we shared many of those early Pagan campfires together. He instantly became one of the best modern storytellers I have heard, then or since. He could hold a campfire spellbound. Asking for 5 items to put into an improvised tale the story would always take the listener deep into the world of Pagan fantasy (even when, as I remember, one of the items was a loo brush).

So when I heard that he had put some of those tales into an eBook I went and got it.

Fire in Mind is a compilation containing many of the tales I heard around those camp fires. If you like your fantasy fiction well written, full of Pagan/magical imagery, language that draws you in from the opening line, with stories that dig right into your emotions, just buy this book. I promise you that you won’t regret the small price.

Reading it took me back to those camp fires. Jae has such a beautiful use of language that I barely noticed I was reading a book. I was completely drawn into the world he created.

I think I’ve said enough. Just click this link and lose yourself in Jae’s magical landscape.

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