At the end of a podcast I listen to the host always asks his guests a series of mundane questions. I really love it as it tells me some of the things about writers and musicians I like that I probably would never have found out. So for this blog I thought I’d answer some and see what happened.

As this list grew I realised how difficult it was. Favourite album? That had to be the perfect album. I thought of Back in Black but to be honest the lyrics aren’t exactly deep, so not that one. Favourite book? Film? It was hard. Anything from the last couple of years couldn’t really be included as they hadn’t lasted the test of time. Anyway, I had a go, hope you enjoy it. If you want to know more, ask me in the comments below!

Favourite rock band – AC/DC

Favourite folk band – Show of Hands

Favourite folk solo artist – Dougie Maclean

Favourite folk guitarist- Richard Thompson

Favourite rock guitarist – David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Favourite album – Dark side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

Favourite song – Wish you were here – Pink Floyd

Favourite colour – green

Mac or PC – Mac

Favourite film – The Godfather (1 and 2)

Favourite author – Steven King

Favourite novel(s) – The Warlord Chonicles – Bernard Cornwell (The Winter King, Enemy of god and Excalibur)

Favourite spiritual book – Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim – Peter Owen Jones

Favourite mythology – The Mabinogion

Favourite town – Boscastle, Cornwall.

Favourite place – Dartmoor

Favourite city – Vienna.

Favourite food – fish and chips

Ok that was hard enough…

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  1. Dougie Maclean…I once met him in Inverie about 20 years back. A truely beautiful soul. You’ve probably seen this but he recently did a version of Caledonia with a Scottish folk group called Anderson Mcginty Webster Ward and Fisher….one of my new favourites. I posted the link below in case you missed it. No being a Scot I’m constantly mystified by how this songs gets me blubbing like a baby 🙂


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