Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 8

Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 8

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The eighth Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ from 22nd August 2020. 

I love doing these online shows so much and will try to continue to make it a monthly thing – even after I can get out to play shows again.

Hope you enjoy the show! 

As with every musician my entire year of concerts disappeared with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. For someone who earns their living through their music, this was a big concern. But along with that was the cancellation of every festival and conference that, every year, bring the Pagan community together. I hope these informal House Concerts have helped provide a meeting space during these very strange times.

House Concert Tip jar is at www.PayPal.me/paganmusic – not a requirement, these are free concerts but any tip helps.

6 responses to “Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 8”

  1. I have attended every online concert and every one of them was pure Magick. Thank you so much Dave for giving us all such pleasure at the live concerts and now online. The online thing is a sacred space where people can gather and try to fill the void that has been left by these strange times. The joy and the experience of the music is permeable from all who attend through the ethers.

    I for one try to give you back what I feel is so little for so much by putting money in the tip jar or buying your CDs. I am sure there are any people who do the same.

    Thank you from my heart your music means so much to so many and brings a shining light in these dark days.

    Blessed be,

  2. Thank you for a great concert, which I picked up on Saturday on the desk top as the iPad has lost sound. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to your wonderful music and seeing the joy it brings to so many and delighted to see it is going to be a regular thing even when we are back to normal again. The tip is in the jar. Thank you.

  3. So great to spend some time with you and of course, your wonderful music. You bring something I can’t get anywhere else.

  4. Wonderful.. Gentle man.. Many blessings upon you and Angels watch over you and yours always… I love your music.. It is pure inspiration…

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