Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 7

Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 7

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The seventh Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ from 17th July 2020.

Sorry the audio is a little out of sync with the video this time…

Hope you enjoy the show!

House Concert Tip jar is at www.PayPal.me/paganmusic – not a requirement, these are free concerts but any tip helps.

2 responses to “Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 7”

  1. Hi Damh, I loved your concert. I have never seen you live but I have some of your CD’s. One of my favourites is the Cauldron Born.

    I’m Australian, the last time you came out here I was hoping to go to one of your concerts but didn’t have the opportunity.

    Keep it up, you are a wonderful artist!
    Please don’t forget us, come back to Australia some time!


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