Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 4

Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 4

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I have archived my older House Concert videos to keep things fresh. So from now on I will post the current video on the blog and on YouTube, and keep it live for the month, until the next live show.

Here you are my friends – the fourth Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ from 8th May 2020.

Hope you enjoy the show!

House Concert Tip jar is here – not a requirement, these are free concerts but any tip helps.

Sorry that the audio is a little out of sync with the video. It wasn’t during the gig, but Facebook has been…weird….with the final video.

4 responses to “Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 4”

  1. Damh, I teach German and would be more than happy to sing German songs with you. 😉 Might be a good idea to survive lockdown…
    Thanks again for doing your online concerts, I do so enjoy listening to you. It really gives a boost.

  2. Thank you Damh for doing yet another wonderful house concert! Could you consider doing these even after all this for those still in the broom closet and can’t come to your live in-person concert? Thank you so much for your gift of music, Blessed be!

  3. Just getting round to seeing this now… work life gets in the way especially just now … thanks again

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