Facebook Live House Concert 3

Facebook Live House Concert 3

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Hello my friends!

Here is the video for my Facebook Live House Concert 3.

Again, it was such a wonderful evening spent with people from all over the world – such a feeling of togetherness, even though we are physically apart.

I hope you enjoy it, and there’ll be another one soon.

Much love, peace, and stay well and safe.

7 responses to “Facebook Live House Concert 3”

  1. Just a splendid concert, Dave! Thanks so much for your talent, your joyful being. I have yet to see you live so this will have to suffice.

  2. My son (17) saw this and thought, for a moment, that you were Gandalf . Thank you for the music (to risk the outrage of fans by quoting Abba)

  3. Hi Damh, thank you so much for entertaining us with your music. I laughed so much at your angsty blond goth ditty that I had to pause playback I really needed that belly laugh, as well as the more introspective and environmentally connected pieces – thank you x

  4. Again, I missed the live event but so glad I got the email that it is here! May the Goddess bless you with health and long life to continue to inspire and gladden the hearts of all Pagans everywhere!!!

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