Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 10

Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 10

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The tenth Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ from 24th October 2020.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Sorry about the distorted drum during ‘Lake of the Cauldron‘ – comments are a little delayed on Facebook so it took a while for me to notice there was a problem. Poor little microphone, but I know for next time to turn it down a bit!

House Concert Tip jar is at PayPal.me/paganmusic – not a requirement, these are free concerts but any tip helps.

Please note: This video will stay live until the next show is uploaded, then it’ll be archived, and the new show will be ready for you to enjoy!

5 responses to “Facebook Live ‘House Concert’ 10”

  1. Thanks so much for these house concerts and I recently got my lock down T-Shirt too !! So cool !! Thanks for Keeping The light alive to one of my fave Bards!!❤️

  2. This was the worst day of a multitude of bad days during this year. I spent the evening on what became a Zoom wake for several friends, and family of friends having died. Then, to top it off, I found out that my sister and her family all tested positive for Covid-19. After everyone else had to leave the zoom meeting, I was not ready to try to sleep. Then I remembered that this concert had been recorded. It was just what I needed to listen, sing along, and just remember that this, too, shall pass. Thank you, more than I can ever say.

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