What an amazing evening it was on Tuesday.

At 7.30 pm I pressed the ‘go live’ button on my Facebook page and did a little informal House Concert. I had no idea who would watch, but it just felt like a good thing to do, what with everyone having to stay indoors right now. I was astounded to see the watching figures continue to rise until there were over 1300 people watching live, all around the world, all commenting, communicating, and judging by the videos and photos I’ve since been sent, singing along too.

How wonderful is that!

I played for about an hour. At the time I had no idea that the sound was dropping out but, from the feedback I’ve received, it didn’t ruin anyone’s experience. At first I thought it was my microphone peaking and cutting out, but looking back at the video I’m not sure anymore. I think it might have been just an issue with Facebook – there are a lot more people using it right now.

Like many musicians, I’ve had my entire gig bookings cancelled up until September (and who really know if this will all be sorted by then), so this is a great way of keeping in touch and entertaining you all, and I’m going to do more over the coming weeks and months. These are free concerts, but as is traditional at House Concerts there is a tip jar that is passed around, and for these, it’s my PayPal account – I’ve also added a link at the top of my site in the social icons area. Any offering is very welcome, but certainly not compulsory – thank you for watching, being there, and joining the party!

The internet is a blessing in these times.

If you missed it, I’ve now popped it up on my YouTube channel, and I’m also embedding the video below.


And keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for details of the next one.

Stay well and safe my friends, and see you again online!