Essence Podcast Interview

Essence Podcast Interview

I had the pleasure recently to talk to Ben Stimpson of the website Paduka Wellness on his podcast Essence. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and it was lovely to be asked some very deep and different questions. The video is below.


From their YouTube channel:

My guest today is Damh the Bard, Pendragon of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids; host of Druidcast; and musician based in Brighton, UK. Damh comes onto the show to discuss his spiritual and professional journeys and how they have culminated in his work as Pendragon of one of the largest Druid Orders in the world. Damh speaks candidly about the evolution of his music, his role as a storyteller, and the intimacy of his masterpiece work: The Branches of Y Mabinogi series.

To find out more about Damh the Bard, please see his website:

To learn more about Paduka Wellness and Ben Stimpson, please visit:

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About Essence: Essence is a podcast all about story, journey and self. Released twice a month, Ben interviews individuals about their work, their life journeys and the insights gained.

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