Let me explain.

As we step out on our spiritual path the road ahead may look straight, or it might only be a short distance before the way disappears into the mist. We may be happily walking along when we begin to notice side routes that lead off into less well-trodden areas of the forest. If we are feeling adventurous we may well leave the main path and go exploring. We may have built our own point from which we start each meditation and to which we return, or we may just open our inner eyes each time and see where we are before we go exploring.

In a physical sense our spiritual journey can be like a dream. How many times have I woken up remembering my dream, not writing it down (thinking I will remember it), only to have the details melt away like clouds burning off on a Summer’s day. How many times have I forgotten lyrics that had come to me, or a melody that I just knew would make a great basis for a new song only to forget it completely? That is before I began to write things down, and recording stuff.

That’s what I mean by Spiritual Cartography.

I started writing my magical books back in the late 80s. I wrote down experiences, rituals, the results of pathworkings, everything. At the time I just thought it was interesting to keep these records. But now, 25 or so years later, I find myself reading those books every couple of years. They remind me of my Journey. Where I started, and where I have been. If I hadn’t written those things down much of those experiences would have been lost to me. But now, each time I read those books, memories return, visions return. It’s invaluable.

So if you’ve been doing the senses mediations from the first post in this series, and maybe you’ve built your home altar, I would suggest that you buy a nice book, and keep a record of your Journey. You might have been doing this for years and haven’t written anything down. Give it a go. Write stuff down, as it happens. Don’t wait a week, for even then some of those feelings and memories will have faded. You can write it on a computer of course, but for me reading my own handwriting 25 years on adds to the power of those memories.

Start to build your map.

Start to take note of your Journey.

If you’ve already been doing this do let us know how it’s helped in the comments below.